November is here.  Guy Fawkes night is just around the corner and the countdown to Christmas is on.

Did you know that  – November – is THE best time to be working out?

If you didn’t already know, there’s 7 whole weeks until Christmas with more or less zilch going on…Okay, I know there are a couple of weeks before Christmas when all the parties start, but this gives us a whopping 5 weeks, minimum, to get some serious exercise time in and get our nutrition into check, so when the party season comes we’re going to be looking and feeling our best!

Lets face it, we ALL go overboard at Christmas and most of us, fall off of our ‘healthy eating wagon’ and put on at least a couple of pounds before starting it all again in January and making a New Years Resolution to get fit and healthy again…it’s a cycle isn’t it?

So if we start NOW, in November, when there’s not much going on, we’ll be ‘quids in’ won’t we?

By exercising daily (10 minutes is all you need to burn fat if you’re doing it correctly) and eating clean you could easily lose a good few pounds of fat BEFORE Christmas so when party season arrives, you’re not just going to be looking and feeling gorgeous in you’re LBD but you will have a serious head start when January comes!

Lets say you started now and lost 6lbs before Christmas, then put on 4lbs over Christmas, you would still be 2lb less than you are now by the time January comes!! Even if you lost 6lb before then put it all back on over Christmas, you’ll still be winning!…If you chose the other alternative of doing nothing until Christmas and then indulge over Christmas you are going to be feeling it come January!

So what are you saying ladies?

NOW is the month to be getting your fitness and nutrition into check and I can help you do this..

Why don’t you come and join one of my Piloxing classes? They’re so much fun and you’ll definitely reap the rewards if you get a few workouts in before Christmas!

Don’t just think about DO IT – BOOK IN NOW!






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