In the past lots of my programs have been focused around inch loss… ‘Get fit for summer, look good for Christmas, look good after Christmas, etc….They are all developed with the best intention and all have all had the same purpose – shifting the inches- and they do – they really work!

But, if you don’t have a purpose, those inches that you have lost will probably and unwantedly return!

With that in mind, I’d like to ask you…

What is your purpose for choosing to live a healthy lifestyle?

What is your purpose now, for having a healthy body and mind?

Why now and what for?

Maybe your purpose for having a healthy body and mind now, is to express yourself fully – to give. and without health of body, mind and spirit, are we able to truly give?

Maybe you are in pain and living a healthy, pain free lifestyle and finding out what foods could trigger your pain is your purpose?

Maybe you have a mentally stressful job and you find that exercising daily helps to alleviate the stress that comes with your chosen work.

Maybe you are on your feet all day and you need a strong core to prevent you from getting back pain.

Maybe you sit at a desk all day and you know that if you don’t stretch or do some physical activity you find yourself in pain.

Maybe you love horse riding yet without a strong core and flexible muscles you are unable to maintain a good posture on top of the horse, let alone get up onto the saddle!!

Maybe it’s so you can express your PASSION, whatever that may be, or share your creativity?

Exercising alone, for our health, and our measurements is simply not enough. It will work for a while but over time, guaranteed, you will slip back into the same old habits.

We need to be doing this for our PASSION!

Do you have a passion?

If you don’t, how do you go about finding it?

Ask yourself what you loved as a child…

Or, if you like to read, what subject could you read 500 books on without getting bored!

What could you do as a job and not mind if you didn’t get paid?

Take some time, be quiet and still.

Ponder on the question …delve deep…and let me know how you get on!




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