Total Body Brilliance '35 Live'

Starts 12th September 8pm Venue28, Beckenham.

Are you:

35 years old?

Fast approaching forty or over?

Are you fed up with the way you look and feel?

Do you tend to hold onto extra weight around your tummy, hips and thighs?

Do you want to change your lifestyle and eating habits but not sure where to start?

Do you want to exercise with like minded people but don’t want to join a gym?

Do you feel like your hormones are getting the better of you?

Do you feel you are exercising but not shifting weight?

Have you had enough of feeling middle aged and frumpy?

Are you ready to make a change?


If you answered YES to any of the above, by slightly adjusting your eating habits and addressing sleep, stress and exercise, you could be well on your way to feeling like a brand new you!

 Total Body Brilliance ’35 LIVE” is a 12 week program, especially designed for women, over the age of 35 who are approaching perimenopause (or in it!) and ready to make some changes to their lifestyle and start noticing results again.

During this 12 week system, I’ll teach you how to gradually manage your hormones by eating foods that will help rather than hinder.  I’ll show you how stress, sleep and the wrong kind of exercise can actually contribute to making you fatter and how to help combat this.

Not only this, but I will be giving you some golden information on pelvic, bone and gut health aswell as helping you to keep a balance of your ‘spiritual’ self.

If you’ve been thinking about getting yourself healthier and more active for quite some time and are now ready to take the plunge, this is DEFINITELY for you.

Are you ready to make a change?

Here's how it works:

Every week, we will meet up for an hour for our 20 minute workout and discussion/ Q and A session on our weekly topic.

Our 12 weekly topics are as follows:


  1. Introduction and moving away from dieting.
  2. Are you addicted to sugar?
  3. Hormones 101: Oestrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone.
  4. How stress effects us.
  5. Alchohol and how it effects metabolism.
  6. Plant based pro’s and cons.
  7. Exercise do’s and dont’s.
  8. Motivations to help with mindset.
  9. Keeping your Bones, Pelvic Floor and Core healthy.
  10. Life laundry and doing what’s best for YOU
  11. Keeping it all balanced.
  12. Congratulations! What to remember.

What's included in the program?

  • 12 weekly ‘live’ 30 minute metabolic workouts..
  • 12 weekly 20 minute talks which take place after the class each week covering a different topic each week
  • A ‘measure in’ every 4 weeks.
  • Access to course material via an online portal.
  • Printouts
  • Nutritional and weight loss advice
  • Access to A VIP secret Facebook group with 24/7 support
  • Mini weekly workouts videos
  • Homework!!
  • Plus I’ll be there to support you 100% of the way   



Here’s what other’s have said about the course:




Thank you Teresa for running such a well informed and eye opening course. Although I must be very much into passing my peri menopause I know I do not suffer as bad as some and feel lucky at the moment for that. However after this course I feel confident that I can deal with the years ahead in a positive way and now know what I can do that is best for my body and therefore my hormones. I know I will continue to eat as healthily as I can and really not to feel bad when I go astray! You had already shown me the benefits of exercise but the weight bearing is new and one I will keep at to help as I get older. Thank you also to the whole group for sharing so openly at times x


Thank you so much. The course has helped me see a clear link between hormones and wellbeing, and that there are clear steps I can follow to help target them. I’ve mentioned this before but it also helped me kick the food rut I was in!


This course has been of great benefit to my health and wellbeing and put me back on course in many ways. I am eating better (and so is my family as a result) and exercising in a more varied way – the high intensity interval training has made me fitter and stronger. I feel better generally, and it will be easy to maintain these changes going forward because they are simple and realistic.  I would say that I have achieved much more than I expected to at this stage in my life (age 47) when some of us are blaming stress and hormones for not looking and feeling the way we want to. But it’s not just about weight loss – the emphasis is on feeling better and being more confident – the weight loss is almost a side effect.

Having Teresa cover the various topics each week and make suggestions regarding food intake (not putting us on a “”diet””) has benefitted me in many ways. I am eating more healthily whilst not feeling hungry or deprived, plus trying new recipes, some of which have become regulars for the whole family. I am now out of my rut both exercise and food-wise, and I have lost more centimetres off my hips, waist and especially thighs than I dreamt possible at this stage of my life.

I enjoyed the discussions most, but also the exercise sessions which were challenging but rewarding.



Thankyou for being in my life for the changes, mindfully and health wise. I must admit I have never been to exercise classes like this and was a bit worried joining , but you made me very at ease, thankyou again.

This course made me feel better and fitter and by the end of the program had a brighter outlook  I’m exercising and feeling much better for it – I actually think about more of what I eat, I feel fitter and have more of my old self back!

Also meeting all the lovely people in the group has been great and also you Teresa, you are one lovely lady. Thank you x


This has been a wonderful way to find balance in life again for me with a focus on health, fitness and happiness, thank you, thank you, thank you!I

I absolutely recommend it!

This is a  course that helps you to re-balance your life, and to establish a life based around health, happiness and fitness, a life which positively impacts not only yourself but those you share your life with.

I enjoyed learning so many things about my body. I have also learnt to give time to myself. I have really enjoyed the workouts, I will miss these as they have really helped to motivate me.

I have loved the advise on nutrition – I am fitting into size 10 again, and am able to wear clothes that I wore before my first child! Thank you so much Teresa.”



Teresa’s courses are always helpful, insightful and inspirational. I took this course to become familiar with Peri menopause and menopause and how to start this new transition in my life. I have gained insight on symptoms of peri menopause and menopause. I have become familiar with strategies to keep active and balance nutrition. Teresa’s guidance has been brilliant and I have now more understanding of this period and most importantly the tools to take steps towards embracing it in a much more powerful and self aware manner. Highly recommended!”


Total Body Brilliance ’35 LIVE’ costs £157.00

Early Bird – Pay before July 31st – £137.00

Payment plans available.

To join the program starting Tuesday 12th September 2017,  please subscribe to the list below and I will send over payment details.

**Payment details can take up to 2 hours to reach your inbox after subscribing.

**Please be aware that places on this program are limited. The only way to secure your space is by payment.

** This program is only available on a Tuesday at 8-9pm and classes are not interchangeable with any other classes on my timetable.

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