Pilates with OOMPH is back with even more OOMPH than before!

8.00-9.00pm WEDNESDAY 10th January – 7th Feb 2018 (5 weeks)

The Drawing Room – Venue28, Beckenham £47.00

Working to upbeat music, with the traditional principles of Pilates, this class is designed to get you strong from the inside first.

Incorporating standing work to lengthen muscles, whilst concentrating on strengthening core and improving posture and balance, this workout will use some of the exercises from Joseph Pilates classical repertoire to give you a functional, whole body workout.

I designed this class for those who like the idea of Pilates but want to up the intensity!  You will raise your heart rate in this class and you will sweat, so please bring with you a towel, some water and a mat. We’ll be using lots of different equipment, including bands, balls, barre, gliding discs, weights and the pilates magic circle (but not all at once!!).

Numbers are limited.

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