So you’ve heard about Trigger Point Pilates and fancy giving it a go.. you know you have muscle tightness, due to poor posture, lifestyle, injuries, etc, but you’re unsure on whether it’s right for you…

Here are 7 reasons why you need Trigger Point Pilates in your life!

  • Trigger Point Pilates™ is a combination of Pilates based exercises combined with Myofascia Release (which is traditionally a hands-on therapy). This means you will be strengthening your core and releasing muscle tightness in the same class.
  • During a Trigger Points course, you will learn a mat work class/system and discover how to apply the principals of Self – Myofascia Release (SMR ).
  • Tight myofascia can often interfere with proper core initiation and when released can provide improved proprioceptive awareness to the user – it benefits the body greatly and class participants can often feel immediate release of tight muscles…
  • The method uses one’s own body weight, movement, the breath and equipment to create the soft tissue release.
  • Trigger Point Pilates helps alleviate chronic pain conditions and constant muscular tightness, undoing muscular restrictions and enhancing functional movement – At the end of a class one feels light, lengthened and able to move with total ease.
  • It’s a great warm up and cool down class for high intensity training. Athletic pro’s, dancers the elderly and new Mums all love it!
  • After a session of Trigger Point Pilates, you may feel as though you’ve just had a session with an osteopath!


I currently run local Trigger Point Pilates at Venue28, in Beckenham, Eden Park and West Wickham. For updates and to find out more about it all, have a look here.

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